Overcoming a fear of flying

How hypnotherapy can help you calm your anxiety around air travel

Women relaxing on holiday flight flight

With summer well and truly here, many of us will be jetting off to holiday destinations to have some fun in the sun. But what if the thought of stepping onto a plane fills you with absolute terror?

Fear of flying is a common issue and is thought to affect 1 in 10 of the UK population. Maybe you can get on a plane under duress but this casts a black cloud over your holiday. Bodily symptoms can be hyperventilating, chills, churning stomach and sweating. This can lead to panic attacks at even the thought of flying.

In these extreme cases fear of flying is classed as aerophobia. This means you avoid flying at all costs, missing out on family holidays or travel for work. Refusing to fly can put immense pressure on relationships and cause career problems.

So the question is "How do I get over my fear of flying"? Hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of phobias and other anxiety disorders. Based on research, hypnotherapy can significantly reduce phobia symptoms with two sessions of therapy. Hypnotherapy is one of the non-pharmacological scientific methods that is very easy, fast, effective, and efficient in reaching the subconscious mind by re-education, and able to provide a faster and permanent solution.

So, imagine actually looking forward to a holiday with family and friends. Travelling to see loved ones overseas who you only see on video calls. Of opening up opportunities at work. Hypnotherapy can help you open the world up to you and help you overcome your fears.

We will see each other for 3 or 4 sessions* where we look at how the fear response is created and what we can do to overcome it in relation to your fear of flying. Then we will look at reframing your fear response and create a new template of behaviour based on how you would like to experience the situation.

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*If your anxiety levels are particularly high we may need an additional session to bring them to a more manageable level.

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